Do you like the service that Cafe Twenty-Eight provides? If so, feel free to give your feedback here. We are always happy to know what you think of our coffee, food, events and the service that we provide. Our only request is that you keep your posting free from rude, discriminatory and sexist language. Otherwise, we will have to delete this and block you from future postings.  


Rain, 25 


Cafe Twenty-Eight is simply the best! I love their organic coffee, their fresh and healthy food and practically everything that they offer. It is very good for diet-conscious people like me. In fact, I recommend it to all of my friends and family members. With Cafe Twenty-Eight, you are always sure that you get the very best food that is good for your body. That is why I love it so much.  


Marc, 33 


I am amazed with Cafe Twenty-Eight. They have helped me and fellow farmers by providing us with a platform for sharing our advocacy for organic farming. I really like the fact that they are advocating for organic and nutritious food. They are not only helping farmers like us, but more importantly, they are helping the general public become healthier and stronger.  


Miriam, 40 


Cafe Twenty-Eight has been our partner ever since it opened. Knowing the goal of the Cafe to promote healthy living I just approached the owners to see if I could hold healing events in their private area. I was so amazed that they agreed to my suggestion and they even told me that I could do it for free. As such, Cafe Twenty-Eight is now the hang out place for a lot of healthy foodies and those conscious of living healthy lifestyles. You can be part of its healthy crowd too!