About Us 

 Welcome to Cafe Twenty-Eight. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our website. We hope that you also visit our physical cafe in order to take advantage of our healthy coffee, organic food, and even take part in all of the events that we host.  


Cafe Twenty-Eight is a family-owned cafe. We are run by the couple John and Mary Reynolds and their son Arnold who is the one who actually developed the menus and recipes being offered by the cafe. What’s more, Arnold is also the one who is in charge of making sure that the food being offered by the cafe is not just healthy but can also help in the healing of various ailments. In fact, Arnold has been able to develop food perfect for diabetic patients, those with health ailments, for stronger lungs, better skin, clearer eyesight and so on. It is the goal of Arnold to continue developing various recipes and dishes that will not just be loved by people for its taste, but more importantly, contribute to their health goals.  


Aside from ensuring the health of our customers, Cafe Twenty-Eight is also working to help uplift the lives of the organic farmers in Milwaukee. The cafe also serves as a way to showcase their produce and encourage people to buy organic food. What’s more, feel free to drop by Cafe Twenty-Eight anytime of the week and join our various activities and events, all geared towards promoting a healthy lifestyle. So what more are you waiting for, come over now to Cafe Twenty-Eight. When you visit, we assure you that you will definitely love the healthy, organic and fresh food and coffee that we are offering plus the activities that we feature.  


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