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Cafe Twenty-Eight is a family-run enterprise

 Chill with friends at Cafe Twenty-Eight 


Bring your friends and enjoy a day of fun and organic food at Cafe Twenty-Eight. We are the only cafe in Milwaukee that offers organic and healthy coffee and food. So while you are just chatting with friends or simply enjoying a cup of your favourite joe, you are guaranteed that we will only offer the freshest food coming from the organic farms of Milwaukee.  


Cafe Twenty-Eight started as a small cafe and restaurant operating out of a carriage-house garage door built by A1 Garage Door Service Milwaukee. From the very beginning, it has been the goal of Cafe Twenty-Eight to help out the organic farmers of Milwaukee by providing an outlet for their organic produce. We assist about 30 small, artisanal, organic farms of Milwaukee by only getting our supplies from them and providing them with a space to showcase their produce. Our aim is to safeguard the health of the people of Milwaukee by providing them access to healthy and organic coffee and food. We firmly believe that the key to good health is nutritious food. So the best way to combine our advocacy for good health is to offer freshly harvested organic products coming from only the very best farmers of Milwaukee.  


Cafe Twenty-Eight is a family-run enterprise. The owners are John and Mary Raynolds who have started the cafe from scratch. Their idea for a healthy and organic cafe originated from the fact that Mary had breast cancer and was healed due to a combination of natural medication and healthy food. As such, she wanted to spread the word that healthy eating is the way to go and should be practiced as a sort of preventative medication.  


Meanwhile, their son Arnold, was into the culinary arts and was specializing in discovering recipes that will bring out the best of food. He was able to develop various recipes that combined the healing properties of food. And these are what he features in Cafe Twenty-Eight. When you visit, feel free to look at the various low-calorie, healthy and organic meals that you will surely love. What’s more, when you check out the menu, you will be able to learn how each food combination can make you healthy and strong. In fact, you will be able to check out the various ingredients that go into each meal.  


The great thing about Cafe Twenty-Eight is that it also supports and encourages the holding of various events. For example, there are events that tackle the importance of essential oils to health. There are also presentations of herbal medications and even book launches on natural healing techniques. All of these kinds of events happen on a regular basis and there are even special ones that are being held on a monthly or quarterly basis. Feel free to contact Cafe Twenty-Eight anytime to get updated on all of these events, their food and of course, their organic coffee